Foundation Benefit Plan (FBP)
General Description and Overview

The FBP is designed to provide the ultimate in corporate
extra-salary compensation programs to suit the varied and diverse
interests of Foundation members. In combination with the
standard annual non-taxable compensation, the FBP establishes an
"infinite" monetary base from which the Foundation member may use
discretionary funds to meet his/her personal goals and pursue and
enjoy recreational activities to challenge the most adventurous

The composition of the Plan is as follows:

1) Foundation Credit Card System (FCCS) - a world-wide network
of Foundation owned financial institutions situated in countries
of particular interest to Foundation travelers. Each member bank
manages a superfund for purposes of establishing a $5 million
credit limit for each FCCS member in each participating country
of exchange. The fundamental principle behind FCCS is to create
a common monetary unit of exchange in and between foreign nations
using different currencies and different monetary bases (i.e.
true "Eurodollars").

2) Foundation members are afforded company financed personal
homes either to be purchased as contemporary real estate or
custom-design fabricated housing units. The amount of the
purchase is limited to what can be considered as a reasonable
amount based upon the contributions to Foundation R & D made by
the individual. Contructed homes will be designed according to
existing state regulations and be in concordance with OSHA
requirements as to public safety. Beyond that, anything is

3) Food and other perishable sustenance resources will be
provided according to demand in unlimited personal quantities.
This is a by-product of the Foundation Conglomerate Division's
agricultural holdings and Human Health Services investments.
Purchases will be coordinated through the Foundation Resource
Procurement division. However, this privilege is not to be used
for non-personal consumption (i.e. donations to the needy,
feeding starving nations, etc. This is part of the International
Program Management subdivision's priorities.)

4) Vehicles for personal transportation will be provided
according to the state of technological development. Two
vehicles can be furnished per person. A suggested purchasing
strategy would be to select one vehicle for dependable
transportation and the other for recreational purposes. As with
the housing supplement, custom designs must be in accordance with
existing NHTSA, DOT, and FAA requirements.

5) Funds appropriated through the FBP are designated for use
only by the Foundation member and his/her immediate familyincluding spouse and legal offspring.

6) Any allocations exceeding $1 million per fiscal year will
require approval by the Foundation Board of Division Directors.
Such funds will only be allocated for the express purpose of
societal contribution or international integrity. Projects
requiring funding in excess of $1 billion per fiscal year may
apply for progress payments as regulated by the Federal
Acquisition Regulation.

7) All monetary appropriations, acquisitions of property (real
or personal), and custom constructs will be held taxable by any
jurisdictional state or local authority. Federal taxation or
regulation will not be in effect for the purposes of the FBP and
its recipients.

8) Members may feel free to access and use the various
services at the disposal of the Foundation. These include
national publishing companies, graphic arts and media production
companies, news and information databases, educational
institutions (see Educational Prerequisites Overview), financial
planning, and recreation and entertainment centers.

9) An individual personal expense account shall be allocated
to each participating member in the Foundation Reserve bank of
his/her choice, extending an open balance, not to exceed
$250,000.00, to the account owner. Indirect reimbursable
expenses shall be paid for through this account, which shall be
replenished monthly up to its stated maximum balance. Funds for
replenishment shall be drawn on the Foundation Personnel
Reinvestment Account.